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91 Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020 [#27 is Winner]

Best Trending Products to Sell in 2020

I have categorized 91 trending products to sell online in 31 different niches that will help you to find product ideas and best selling items for your online store.

  1. Automobiles Accessories.

  2. Baby Care Products.

  3. Beauty & Healthcare Products.

  4. Computer & Office Products.

  5. Home & Gardening.

  6. Kitchen & Dining Items.

  7. Mother & Kids.

  8. Pet Products.

  9. Wearable Devices.

  10. Security & Protection.

And 25 more niches that you can explore by clicking here.

It was a tough task to make a list of the best products to sell online in 2020. I poured 35 hours in research to explore 33 best niches to make a list of 91 trending products to sell online. If you are a newbie and have no idea about finding a profitable niche, you can find a complete process here.

Every online seller needs to find out what products are trending now, which could help know what to sell online.

Figuring out the trending products gives an excellent opportunity to outrank the competition as it provides you top trending products to sell in 2020.

If you are a dropshipper, then you must check the best dropshipping products list to get more winning products for your store.

*Note: I have updated trending products 2020 screenshots on [2nd December 2020]


Understanding customers’ needs regarding what products are trending in 2020 will lead to satisfied customers and more sales.

Each new year brings a new set of trends, and most of the time, items that are trending in the previous year might drop out of fashion in the new year.

Select Your Niche

I have created niche-specific filters below to understand better what to sell in 2020. You just need to click on filters to see trending products 2020 for your niche.

If you couldn’t find your niche below, just let me know on my Facebook group of 4500+ entrepreneurs. I will add it asap and notify you.

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Automobiles & Motorcycles Trending Products?‍♀️ Baby Care Trending Products?? Bath & Shower Trending Products? Beauty & Health Trending Products? Computer & Office Trending Products? Consumer Electronics Trending Products? Eyewear & Accessories Trending Products?️ Furniture Trending Products? Garden Supplies Trending Products? Golf Trending Products⛳️ Hair Care & Styling Trending Products? Home & Garden Trending Products? Home Appliances Trending Products?️ Household Merchandises Trending Products?️ Interior Accessories Trending Products?️ Intimates Jewelry & Accessories Trending Products? Kitchen & Dining Trending Products? Lights & Lighting Trending Products⚡ Medical Supplies Trending Products⚕️ Mobile Phone Accessories Trending Products? Mother & Kids Trending Products?‍?‍? Office & School Supplies Trending Products✏️ Oral Hygiene Trending Products? Pets Trending Products? Skateboards & Scooters Trending Products⛸️ Security & Protection Trending Products? Sports & Entertainment Trending Products⚽ Sports Nutrition Trending Products? Toys & Hobbies Trending Products? Wearable Devices Trending Products⌚ Women's Bags Trending Products? Women's Bottoms Trending Products? Women's Clothing Trending Products? Women's Shoes Trending Products?

Let’s checkout the list of 91 trending products to sell online in 2020. Automobiles & Motorcycles Trending Products 1- Car Vacuum Car Vacuum is a small cleaning device for a vehicle that is very handy to clear the debris and dust without any hassle. As you can see from the graph, the trend of car vacuum. is on a rising curve. So it’s a great time to start selling it online as it could become one of the best selling items for your store. How to Target Car Vacuum on Facebook

  • Gender: Male & Female

  • Age: 24 – 54

  • Country: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore

  • Targeting: Luxury vehicle, Car rentals, Car dealership

OR… You can also check out a detailed guide on Facebook Audience Insights to find your laser perfect buyers. 2- Cup Holder The cup holder is essential equipment for drivers to hold any drinking vessels safely while driving.

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