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Is Blogging Still Worth it?

Blogging is always worth it!

I have been SEO Blogging for over 10 years on different websites. One of the things you will face is the question is fill in the blank still working, Yes. It will always work with some limitation based on the big tech gaints of the internet. Google will from time to time come up with a new update to their over program of search result and how it may help us find what we are looking for.

If your driving down the highway and your car lets you know your low on gas, that is when you might do a quick google search for a near by gas station. I always use google when I need to find something when I am traveling local, or international.

If you listen to the people over at Income School, they talk about blogging and how to make a good income from writting a daily blog. If you buy their program you will find that they will show you how to start a blog, how long it will take to get enought traffic to your site before you start making money.

The big names in the tech world will try to get you to their website on a topic title that is clickbait most of the time by saying "Is Blogging Still Worth it?"

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