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Listening to The Income Store

Listening to the Income Store this week has given me a lot to think about as I grow my own local SEO Agency,

1. When using Content for marketing I need to write one new article a day over 30 days and use a workpress website, have a niche topic/interest that will draw a crowd in search for my topic in google under "boating, hunting game, etc." I have much to learn over the next few weeks to build a new niche for a website.

2. As I find good "niche marketing research status and challenges" I will share them with my new fellowing and grow my new blog over 35 weeks.

3. After a year I hope to have a passive income that makes since to build another niche blog based on the model of "The Income Store."

More thoughts coming later....................

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niche marketing research status and challenges
niche marketing research status and challenges

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