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Local SEO Audit: How to Fix in 2022

Did you know that over one-third of small businesses still don’t have a website at all? According to one study, however, nearly 60% of these small business owners actually want to have a website. But they stop short because they’re overwhelmed with the complicated process of building one. Check out our local SEO tips in this fresh article.

Now, having a basic website and web presence is better than nothing. And if you’ve got a website up and running for your business, you’re already doing better than a lot of others. But if you want to drive as much traffic to that site as possible, you need to follow local SEO best practices.

Local SEO lets customers who are looking for a nearby solution find your business. For you, that means more visibility, more customers, and more revenue.

But how can you boost your local SEO and get found more easily on the web? This guide will take you through eight local SEO tips you can use to grow your business in 2022 and beyond.

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