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Privacy-Focused OS Wants to Know How Facebook and the FBI Hacked it

The exploit funded by Facebook allowed FBI agents to identify the user's real IP address, which then allowed them to identify Brian Kil as Hernandez. Technically speaking, this hack could have been used against activists and other sensitive people by law enforcement or authoritarian governments. Motherboard reported that Facebook did not inform Tails of the exploit, and decided it was OK to use it because Tails was incidentally patching out the exploit as part of an unrelated update.

But Tails developers, as well as privacy and security experts, agree that, update or not, Facebook should have alerted Tails once the FBI operation was over. Three years later, that has not happened yet, and the Tails developers, as well as the makers of the popular media player, called GNOME Videos, said they found out about all this through Motherboard’s article.

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